E3 Gaming Shutting Down After 20 Years

The Legendary E3 Gaming Expo Says Goodbye permanently.

E3 Gaming

The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) marked the end of an era for one of the most iconic gaming events, E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo, with a poignant message on Tuesday. After more than 20 years of bringing together players and creators annually in Los Angeles, the ESA announced its decision, thanking the players for the experiences and wishing them a “good game, well played.”

Since 1995, E3 has been a mainstay, exhibiting the newest and best in the gaming industry. Every year, game developers would astonish fans with advance looks at their works, occasionally including cameos from famous people like Rihanna and Eminem.

E3, which at first catered primarily to journalists and business insiders, grew so popular that it had to reduce its scope to an invitation-only conference in 2007. Even yet, each June it was able to attract up to fifty thousand industry members.

But as time went on, fan-focused events like Comic-Con, Penny Arcade Expo, and MineCon became a bigger threat to E3. There were further setbacks to the event when major sponsors, like Nintendo and Sony, withdrew from it and found other locations to reveal new titles.

Another factor was changing player habits. In 2016, income from mobile gaming surpassed that of PC gaming, while physical games on discs in boxes suffered a fall in popularity. With the move in the gaming industry towards digital distribution, E3 struggled to maintain its leading position.

A virtual adaption was implemented in 2021 and E3 gaming was canceled in 2020 as a result of the pandemic’s further complications. Sadly, the expo was postponed and eventually canceled again in 2022.

Although E3 is coming to an end, the Entertainment Software Association reassured the gaming community that it is still dedicated to supporting its member firms and the labor in the industry. A treasure trove of memories and a testament to the shifting dynamics of the gaming business are left behind by players worldwide when the curtain closes on this historic gaming expo.

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