Moderate 5.1 Magnitude Earthquake hits Prague, Oklahoma

Late on Friday night, a moderate earthquake hits Prague, Oklahoma with a magnitude of 5.1. The United States Geological Survey (USGS) reported the seismic activity at 11:24 p.m., pinpointing the epicenter approximately 3.7 miles northwest of Prague.

Impact on Metro Areas

Residents in both the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas reported feeling the tremors. Despite the quake’s moderate magnitude, no major damage or injuries have been reported thus far. Prague, situated about 60 miles southwest of Tulsa, experienced the epicenter of the seismic event.

Magnitude Classification

The USGS classifies earthquakes with a magnitude of 5 to 5.9 as moderate. While this event was significant, it falls below the intensity of the memorable 2016 earthquake in Pawnee, Oklahoma, which measured 5.8 in magnitude. The Pawnee earthquake stands as the most potent recorded earthquake in the state’s history.

Community Reactions

Social media responses shed light on the varied experiences of those who felt the earthquake. Beverly Parker from Bixby recounted her unsettling encounter, initially mistaking the tremors for thunder. “Bixby. I thought it was thunder, it rumbled really loud. Then the house started shaking, including walls and moved my bed. It was really scary,” she shared.

As of 12:25 a.m., no aftershocks have been reported, providing a momentary respite for residents in the affected areas. The situation is being closely monitored for any developing updates.

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