iphone 16 to get vertically aligned camera.

As with other May speculations, speculation around the iPhone 16 points to a shift from the camera design of its predecessor.

iphone 16

According to recent claims, Apple is reportedly investigating different designs for the iPhone 16’s camera bump during the pre-production stage. The allegations, which come from a trustworthy leaks account connected to the iPhone 15 rumors, note that these plans are susceptible to change.

Two distinct camera bump designs for the iPhone 16 are reportedly being tested at this time. The first design is similar to the current iPhone 15 camera bulge but changes the lens orientation from diagonal to vertical, making it more like the iPhone 12 configuration.

The second design, which has a single vertical camera bump that houses both lenses, is modeled after previous iPhone models such as the iPhone X and 7 Plus. The story adds a little uncertainty by saying that while the anticipated design is more in line with the iPhone 12 style, Apple is also allegedly taking the iPhone X-type setup into consideration.

A potential rearrangement in the iPhone 16 could allow users to capture spatial video, building on the capabilities introduced with the Vision Pro in the iPhone 15 Pro. This is especially relevant in light of the changes made to the iPhone 15 Pro’s camera layout this year, which involved switching the positions of the Telephoto and Ultra Wide lenses. Although it isn’t stated in the most recent report specifically, this theory provides a reasonable justification for the suggested design change.

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