Unconscious Bias in Healthcare: Black Women Speak Out on Pregnancy Risks

Many Black women are bringing attention to the widespread problem of unconscious bias in healthcare influencing their pregnancies, which can have fatal effects on moms and babies. This is a startling discovery. Pregnancy-related difficulties affect Black women at a rate that is two to three times greater than that of White women, which is a worrying trend.

When black women voice worries about their health during pregnancy, medical practitioners sometimes respond by ignoring or dismissing their concerns. The need to address this issue urgently is highlighted by alarming statistics, which show that Black moms continue to have a higher death rate than White mothers.

Research examining videotaped exchanges between doctors and patients uncover an alarming trend. Black people frequently experience healthcare providers communicating with them in a dismissive and less involved manner. Notably, medical professionals frequently minimize or show doubt regarding symptoms that Black patients mention in their records.

This systematic racism has far-reaching effects that go beyond the unique experiences of Black women. Compared to their white counterparts, black moms experience poorer pregnancy outcomes on average, including greater rates of preterm birth, stillbirth, and infant loss within the first year of life.

learn more about the important topic of unconscious bias influencing Black women’s pregnancy risks and the potentially fatal consequences. It’s time to give these views more weight and address the persistent inequalities in maternity healthcare in our society.

Note: This article was originally published at Newyork times.

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