What is Ketamine? What are the Side Effects of Ketamine.

What are the Side Effects of Ketamine? Doctors generally utilize the drug ketamine to induce unconsciousness in patients undergoing surgery. But some also use it for recreational purposes, particularly in the treatment of depression and certain psychiatric disorders.

The following are the Side Effects of Ketamine

Feeling Sick: You may have nausea, especially during or immediately after taking the medicine.

Feeling Weird: Ketamine may cause you to feel somewhat detached from reality and as though everything around you is strange.

Perceiving Unrealistic Objects: A small percentage of persons may experience hallucinations.

Elevated Heart Rate and Blood Pressure: You may experience a temporary increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Feeling Perplexed: You may experience some disorientation or confusion.

Feeling Lightheaded: Ketamine use can cause dizziness and a whirling sensation in the room.

Salivating Increased: You may notice that more saliva is coming out of your mouth than normal.

Blurred Vision: You may have some hazy vision.

Typically, these symptoms are transient and disappear when the medicine wears off. However, there may be more severe issues if users use ketamine excessively or frequently:

Problems with the Urinary System: Chronic high-dose ketamine use can lead to bladder issues.

Getting Addicted: It’s not a good idea for some people to become addicted to the high they get from ketamine use.

Memory Issues: Excessive ketamine use can cause problems with memory and cognitive function.

Breathing difficulties: If a person consumes an excessive amount, it may even become difficult for them to breathe, which is extremely dangerous.

Ketamine should only ever be used under a doctor’s supervision, particularly for surgical or medical procedures. Using it recreationally or without a doctor’s advice can be extremely dangerous and lead to major health issues. It’s best to speak with a doctor if you have any concerns or questions regarding ketamine. They can help you stay safe and provide you with the appropriate information.

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