How to Vote on New Kansas License Plate?

Kansas Unveils Five New Designs for License Plates, Voting is Open to Residents. Here is How to Vote on New Kansas License Plate

Residents of Kansas will have a rare chance to influence how license plates will appear in the future when the state presents five new design alternatives for public review. The public’s displeasure with an earlier design proposal that sparked controversy led to the introduction of these drawings on Monday.

How to Vote on New Kansas License Plate?

Speaking about public participation in the process, Governor Kelly said, “Kansans have offered their thoughts on our state’s next license plate through social media and elsewhere.” The choice to move forward with a voting procedure is intended to guarantee that law enforcement can read the chosen license plate with ease and to expedite the implementation of safer plates on the road.

Upcoming Designs in Competition
Voting on the five new options will continue until Friday at 5 p.m., providing Kansas citizens with a variety of ways to express their preferences. Voters may cast more than one ballot and must register with their name and a working Kansas ZIP code in order to participate.

Modified Original Design:

With a more pronounced blue top bar, one of the new designs is comparable to the one that was criticized.

Sunflower Revamp:

An additional choice with a white background and sunflowers in place of stars is evocative of the previous layout.

Variations in Color and characteristics:

While the following three designs have some similar aspects, they are distinguished by their faded color backgrounds and unique characteristics, like images of wheat stalks and the statehouse.

The outer boundaries of Kansas are depicted in two of these selections.

Design Development
These new designs were created by Meriden, outside of Topeka, marketing business Mammoth Creative Co.

The Context of the Debate
The design from last month, which combined yellow and navy blue—often mistaken for black—drew criticism for a number of reasons. A few locals took issue with the color scheme, saying it looked too much like the colors of the University of Missouri, while others said it looked like license plates from New York. Governor Kelly accepted responsibility for the polarizing design and expressed regret to the public.

Crucial Times and Notifications
Voting is open to residents until Friday at 5 p.m., and the winner design will be revealed on December 18. The anticipation builds as Kansans play a direct role in shaping the appearance of their state’s license plates.

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