How to Claim Free Starbucks Hot Chocolate This December

Take Advantage of Free Starbucks Hot Chocolate on “Hot Chocolate Cheer Weekends”

free starbucks  hot chocolate

Starbucks is offering its patrons a lovely treat as we enter the joyous season of giving. The massive coffee chain just revealed its “Hot Chocolate Cheer Weekends” campaign, which promises to brighten and cheer up your Saturdays and Sundays in December. Continue reading to learn how to get a complimentary short (children’s size) hot chocolate when you buy any grande or larger handcrafted beverage.

Specifics of the Campaign: With Every Grande or Larger Beverage, a Sip of Happiness

Simply order a grande (medium) or larger handcrafted drink at any participating Starbucks shop in the United States to take advantage of this heartwarming promotion. Savor seasonal favorites like the distinctive Oleatos coffees flavored with olive oil and the Iced Gingerbread Oatmilk Chai and Sugar Cookie Almondmilk Latte. The promotion also includes traditional options like macchiatos, steamers, and mochas. Please be aware that the offer does not include bottled drinks or standard brewed coffee or tea, either hot or cold.

How to Get Your Free Starbucks Hot Chocolate:

Visit or drive by your closest Starbucks to take advantage of this wonderful offer. Sadly, delivery choices are not included. The free Starbucks hot chocolate is served with whipped cream and a drizzle of mocha. Please feel free to add adjustments for a fee. Fans of the Starbucks app can use their reward points to claim a free beverage by presenting documentation of a mobile order placed on an eligible day. Remember that there is only one free short hot chocolate per transaction, and that this offer cannot be coupled with any other promotions.

Celebrate Thanksgiving with Special Discounts for Starbucks Rewards Members

For those who don’t enjoy weekends, Starbucks offers “Festive Thursdays.” This unique deal, available only to Starbucks Rewards members, provides a substantial 50% savings on any handcrafted drink every Thursday between 12 p.m. and 6 p.m. until the end of the year

Specifics of Joyful Thursdays: An In-Midweek Rejuvenation

Festive Thursdays is a promotion that coincides with “Hot Chocolate Cheer Weekends” and is applicable to handcrafted beverages made by Starbucks baristas. Starbucks rewards members can take advantage of this promotion by downloading the free Starbucks app. Whether you’re ordering in-store or online, a unique coupon will be waiting for you on Thursdays in the app, ready to be applied at checkout. Recall that each rewards member is only eligible for one discount under this program.

Ecological Starbucks’ Green Initiatives: Sip by Sip

In addition to these alluring offers, Starbucks pledges to cut waste and its carbon footprint by half by 2030. Bringing in your reusable bag every day gets you a modest discount from Starbucks, which aims to promote sustainable behaviors.

Specifics of Starbucks’ Environmental Initiatives: A Rebate for Eco-Friendly Selections

When customers use the Starbucks app and bring in a clean cup, they can receive a $0.10 discount on their beverage. An extra perk for rewards members is 25 bonus stars that can be used for freebies and discounts on merchandise, drinks, and food.

With these warm and inviting deals from Starbucks—where every drink is accompanied by a side of happiness and sustainability—you can embrace the holiday season.

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