Who Is George Santos?

Who is George Santos?

George Santos is an American politician affiliated with the Republican Party. He served as a member of the New York State Assembly, representing the 14th district, which includes parts of Queens and Nassau County.

Full NameGeorge Santos
Political AffiliationRepublican
Political OfficeMember of the New York State Assembly, representing the 14th district
ConstituencyParts of Queens and Nassau County, New York
Year of BirthInformation not provided (please verify with recent sources)
SpouseInformation not provided (please verify with recent sources)
EducationInformation not provided (please verify with recent sources)
Other DetailsAs a state assembly member, George Santos would be involved in legislative activities, representing the interests of his constituents. Please refer to recent sources for any updates or changes in his profile.

As early as this week, the House is poised to vote on expelling George Santos, the indicted New York Republican congressman. A damning Ethics Committee report alleges he misused campaign funds for personal expenses, including rent, trips, luxury items, Botox treatments, and an OnlyFans subscription.

The report also accuses George Santos of deceiving donors and knowingly filing false campaign finance statements. Despite his denial and labeling the report as biased, Santos, who pleaded not guilty to federal charges, could face expulsion.

Ethics Committee Chairman Michael Guest, R-Miss., introduced a resolution before Thanksgiving to expel Santos, with a potential vote later this week. Guest emphasized the unprecedented nature of Santos’ conduct and expressed belief in expulsion as an appropriate remedy.

Earlier this month, George Santos survived an attempt by fellow New York Republicans to oust him. However, following the ethics report’s release on Nov. 16, some who initially argued for due process are now inclined to vote for expulsion.

Santos, ruling out resignation, plans to stand for expulsion despite acknowledging the unfavorable odds. If expelled, a special election for his Long Island-based seat would be triggered—a competitive district Biden won in 2020. The Cook Political Report rates it as “Lean Democrat.”

Beyond the electoral implications, Santos’ expulsion would reduce the Republican advantage to 220-213, limiting Speaker Mike Johnson’s legislative maneuverability. There’s also speculation about former Speaker Kevin McCarthy resigning, though he denies such rumors.

Santos’ time in Washington has been marked by drama, and this week is no exception. Progressive group MoveOn Political Action plans to greet lawmakers with a 15-foot inflatable depiction of Santos, demanding his resignation on Tuesday morning.

For More Details visit https://www.nyassembly.gov/

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