Who is Gabriel Attal: France’s Youngest PM

In a historic move, Gabriel Attal has been appointed as the youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister of France. Let’s delve into the background and career of this rising star in French politics.

Political Journey of Gabriel Attal

Gabriel Attal’s political journey began in June 2017 when he was elected to the French National Assembly, representing the Hauts-de-Seine’s 10th constituency. At the age of 29, he set a record as the youngest member of a government under the Fifth Republic.

Notable Ministerial Roles

Attal’s ascent continued as he was appointed junior minister to the Minister of National Education and Youth, Jean-Michel Blanquer, in October 2018. He later served as the government spokesperson under Prime Minister Jean Castex from 2020 to 2022. In May 2022, he became the Minister of Public Action and Accounts, and in July 2023, he took on the role of Minister of National Education and Youth.

Controversial Decisions and Popularity

During his tenure, Attal made headlines with controversial decisions, including the ban on the Islamic headdress in French schools. Despite the controversies, he gained popularity, especially among conservative voters, showcasing his ability to navigate divisive issues.

Media Speculation and Future Plans

Speculation is rife that Gabriel Attal might be a candidate to succeed President Emmanuel Macron in the 2027 French presidential election. This adds another layer to the significance of his appointment as Prime Minister.

Gabriel Attal’s Appointment as Prime Minister

In a significant reshuffle, President Macron appointed Gabriel Attal as the new Prime Minister of France ahead of the European Parliament elections. Attal, at the age of 34, not only became the youngest Prime Minister since the founding of the French Fifth Republic but also the first openly gay individual to hold this powerful position.

Elisabeth Borne’s Resignation and Attal’s Challenges

Attal takes over from Elisabeth Borne, who resigned after a tumultuous 20-month tenure marked by unpopular decisions and urban unrest. As he assumes office, Attal faces the challenge of addressing public discontent and implementing effective governance.

Unpopular Decisions and Public Image

Attal’s political career has been characterized by his willingness to make unpopular decisions, such as the ban on the Muslim Abaya in French public schools. Despite facing criticism, these moves have contributed to his rising popularity, showcasing his ability to navigate complex political landscapes.

Personal Background and Connection with Voters

Attal’s journey into politics began at the age of 17 when he joined the Socialist Party. His relatable personal experiences, including overcoming bullying during his school days, have created a connection with voters and contributed to his household name status in French politics.


Gabriel Attal’s appointment as France’s youngest and first openly gay Prime Minister marks a historic moment in the country’s political landscape. As he takes on the challenges of leadership, his journey from a young elected official to a key figure in the government exemplifies his political acumen and resilience in the face of controversy.

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