SNL Mocks Alaska Airlines’ Midair Incident with Hilarious Commercial”

Saturday Night Live, SNL mocks Alaska Airlines in a satirical commercial, playfully poking fun at the airline’s response to a recent midair incident. Explore the comedic take on safety measures and the airline’s ability to find humor in unexpected situations.”

Saturday Night Live (SNL) made a comedic comeback from its winter hiatus, targeting Alaska Airlines’ response to a midair panel blowout incident that occurred over Oregon earlier this month. The sketch features a mock commercial with a star-studded cast, poking fun at the airline’s handling of the near-catastrophic event.

Alaska Airlines’ New Slogan: “You Didn’t Die, and You Got a Cool Story”

In the spoof, Heidi Gardner, Jacob Elordi, and Kenan Thompson showcase the airline’s new marketing campaign, emphasizing the silver lining of surviving a midair emergency. The commercial playfully suggests that on Alaska Airlines, passengers are not just watching a movie – they are in the movie.

Dramatic Reenactment of the Incident:

Host Jacob Elordi introduces a dramatic reenactment of the Ontario-bound flight, complete with screaming passengers and a dramatic depiction of the side panel blowing out mid-flight. The sketch humorously captures the chaos, with a young boy losing his shirt due to the force of the wind near the opening.

Changes After the Incident: “Tightening Those Bolts”

Kenan Thompson, addressing the audience, highlights the airline’s post-incident changes, jokingly stating, “You know those bolts that hold the plane together? We’re gonna go ahead and tighten some of those.” This references Alaska Airlines’ inspection of its equipment following the midair blowout.

Faux Safety Features: An Amusing Twist

The satirical commercial introduces faux safety features, including an updated safety brochure the size of a dictionary, deploying the emergency slide before take-off, and handing out life jackets as passengers deboard – a playful nod to Hawaii Airlines’ similar gesture with leis.

Recalling Past Incidents: “Still Better Than Spirit”

SNL doesn’t miss the opportunity to bring humor to past incidents, referencing a pilot’s attempt to turn off the engine mid-flight while on mushrooms in October 2023. Despite the bizarre incident, the commercial proudly declares, “Alaska Airlines, still better than Spirit.”

Conclusion: Alaska Airlines, Where Humor Takes Flight

The SNL sketch concludes with a narration stating, “Alaska Airlines, still better than Spirit,” leaving viewers with a lighthearted perspective on the airline’s recent midair mishap.

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