Authorities state that no active shooter in Asheville Coxe Avenue

Update: After contacting the police at the Coxe Avenue building, authorities report that no active shooter in Asheville was discovered.

Asheville, North Carolina WLOS) – Asheville authorities report that after a search turned up no evidence of the gunman or victims, the initial information regarding an active shooter has been cleared.

Before nine in the morning on Wednesday, December 20, Asheville police were called to 40 Coxe Avenue in the city center.


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Law enforcement Agencies’ Reaction

Fire officials in Asheville issued an advisory to the public to avoid the area and confirmed that there had been an initial report of an active shooter.

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AFD reported minutes later that no victims or an active shooter in Asheville had been discovered during the building’s examination and clearance by law enforcement. They added that every employee is secure.

Following the event, Buncombe County officials released the following statement:

A critical alert was sent out this morning at the Buncombe County Health and Human Services Building, located at 40 Coxe Ave., Asheville. As they get on the site, law enforcement personnel begin clearing the building. Visitors and staff have been moved across the street to the Post Office. There isn’t any proof that the attacker is still at large.

As soon as more information is available, we will provide it.

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