Impeachment Inquiry Against Joe Biden Set To Be Next Week

The impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden family’s foreign business dealings is scheduled for next week, and indications from a closed-door meeting suggest widespread support among the party members. House Republicans are gearing up to vote on formalizing. The anticipated vote

Addressing the impending vote, Speaker Mike Johnson (R-La.) emphasized Congress’s duty to bring the issue “Impeachment Inquiry Against Joe Biden” to the forefront, stating, “The evidence is so clear you cannot look away.” The move comes amidst growing concerns over Biden’s alleged exchange of political favors for financial gains during his tenure as vice president.

House Democrats, however, countered the Republican initiative with a five-page memo, criticizing the GOP’s investigation. According to Democrats, the evidence “shows no wrongdoing by President Biden, much less an impeachable offense.” They argue that the core allegations against the President have been repeatedly debunked.

Despite the push from Republicans, some moderate members within the party have expressed hesitancy. House Democrats have also vehemently contested the allegations, asserting that the evidence fails to establish any wrongdoing or impeachable offense on Biden’s part.

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Republican Representative Ralph Norman (R-S.C.) confirmed the plan to formalize the impeachment, revealing that the decision was influenced by the condition set by Democrats. “They said we’ll only give you documents if you have a vote on an inquiry, so I feel like we have to vote yes, and it’s different than an impeachment itself,” said Representative Don Bacon (R-Neb.).

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Liberal Republicans, Ken Buck of Colorado and Brian Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania, remain cautious about moving forward with a formal impeachment. Buck, in particular, stated that he had not seen anything compelling enough to lead him to support the inquiry.

The upcoming vote is poised to be a critical moment in the ongoing political landscape, as both parties prepare for a potential showdown over the controversial foreign business dealings of the Biden family.

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