BLACKPINK’s Jennie Personal Label OA Officially Unveiled for a Solo Leap into 2024″

BLACKPINK’s Jennie Personal Label OA Officially Unveiled for a Solo Leap into 2024″ The gifted vocalist has introduced herself to the world of record companies by starting her own, OA. With some remaining doubts over the individual contracts of the members, this momentous action follows BLACKPINK’s recent announcement that they will be extending their contract with YG Entertainment.

Jennie broke the news and thanked everyone for their affection in a touching social media statement. “Hello, this is Jennie,” she penned. I’ve accomplished a lot this year, and I’m incredibly appreciative of all the affection I’ve gotten. In addition, I’m looking forward to 2024, when I set out on my own with OA, a business I founded. Please give me a lot of love as I begin my new OA journey.

Jennie Personal Label OA
Jennie Personal Label OA

For months, there have been rumors that every member of BLACKPINK, including Jennie, Lisa, Rosé, and Jisoo, made news by launching their own agencies. The K-pop group’s continued partnership with YG Entertainment was confirmed, and on December 23, word leaked out that Jennie had formally established her label, OA. Although the company’s mission is still somewhat unclear, OA, which stands for ODDATELIER, is described on its official website as an area that seeks to produce new items in an eye-catching and unique manner. Artist Jennie launched the label in November 2023, and it created such a stir that the website crashed from the influx of visitors. It’s interesting to note that the website included Jennie’s dog, KUMA, in addition to her as an artist.

Jennie has not formally acknowledged the reports, but a number of K-media sites have stated that she launched her own label in November. A cover of Sia’s “Snowman” and Zion.T’s “Snow” was given to fans by Jennie as a surprise Christmas present to commemorate this thrilling voyage. She shared on Instagram, writing, “I have two songs ready for the winter that I really enjoy. I wish everyone a pleasant year-end. Happy Holidays, everyone. She also shared a heartfelt video of herself giving her fans a fantastic Christmas present in the recording studio along with the message.

We hope the Jennie Personal Label OA will provide him the success in the coming years.

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