Amazon Hacked: Sparked Security Concerns Among Users.

Reports of Alleged “Amazon Hacked” Spread Like Wildfire on Facebook

If you’ve recently observed unusual activities on your Amazon account, you’re not alone. Claims of Amazon being hacked have rapidly circulated on Facebook, with users expressing concerns over the unauthorized addition of new mailing addresses linked to potentially deceptive pickup locations.

Investigation Reveals Unexpected Addresses, Users Fear Security Breach

Contrary to typical Facebook rumors, this situation isn’t just another conspiracy theory. Members of the BGR team, along with numerous users, reported discovering unfamiliar addresses added to their Amazon accounts. The fear of criminals exploiting these addresses for fraudulent transactions has triggered a wave of concern among Amazon users.

Reddit Users Uncover Possible Explanation, Points to System Glitch

Seeking answers, users turned to a Reddit thread highlighted by fact-checking site Snopes. Several users initially believed they were victims of a security breach but discovered a potential explanation. Deleting the new addresses, adding an item to the cart, going to checkout, and then removing the item revealed that the same Amazon pickup location reappeared, suggesting a possible system glitch.

Here is a snapshot of a user tweeted about Amazon being hacked

Amazon Responds to “Amazon Hacked” Claims, Denies Evidence of Security Breach

Snopes reached out to Amazon for clarification on the matter and received a response that alleviated some concerns. Amazon stated, “We have no evidence of a security event at Amazon, and our systems remain secure. Customers who have questions about their account should contact customer service.”

Unraveling the Mystery: Possible Explanations Emerge

At present, two potential explanations are being considered. Either Amazon failed to detect a significant security breach, or the suspicious addresses are being added automatically by Amazon intentionally or due to a system bug. While the former would be groundbreaking, the latter seems more plausible, though Amazon has yet to provide an official explanation.

Users Urged to Verify Account Information Amidst Growing Uncertainty

As uncertainty looms, users are encouraged to check their Amazon account addresses by navigating to “Account & Lists,” then “Account” and “Your Addresses,” or simply by visiting Taking preemptive measures, such as changing passwords and enabling Two-Step Verification, is also advised to enhance account security and thwart potential unauthorized access.

Amazon Yet to Clarify, Fueling Conspiracy Theories on Social Media

As the mystery persists, Amazon’s silence on the matter continues to fuel conspiracy theories on social media platforms. Users anxiously await an official statement from Amazon to shed light on the situation and address the concerns surrounding the alleged security breach. Until then, heightened vigilance and proactive account management remain crucial for Amazon users.

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