Who is Sean Penn’s New Girlfriend? Nathalie Kelley

Let’s take a look at the profile of Sean Penn’s New Girlfriend from Australia Nathalie Kelley who were recently spotted together in Miami.

Sean Penn’s New Girlfriend Nathalie Kelley, recognized for her captivating roles in TV shows and a rollercoaster love life, has recently made headlines for her intriguing journey.

Born in Peru and raised in Australia, Kelley gained fame through notable series like Body of Proof, UnReal, The Vampire Diaries, and Dynasty. However, unlike her counterpart Sean Penn, whose success thrives in the world of cinema, Kelley’s spotlight has predominantly shone on the television landscape.

sean penn's new girlfriend

In 2010, she caught the public’s eye by portraying Bruno Mars’ love interest in the hit song “Just The Way You Are.”

Despite her early successes, Kelley found herself at odds with the glamorous lifestyle of Los Angeles in her twenties. The aftermath of her role in Tokyo Drift plunged her into a “deep depression,” as the movie’s success failed to align with her expectations and conflicted with her principles.

In a recent interview, Kelley shared her decision to shift her focus towards life’s deeper meanings and advocating for the underprivileged. Her commitment extends to battling climate change and educating others about her native Peru. Notably, in May 2020, she pledged not to purchase new clothes for an entire year, aiming to raise awareness about the environmental impact of the fashion industry.

Switching gears to her romantic escapades, Kelley’s love life has seen its fair share of twists. Previously linked with Jonathan Hartlen-Matthews, Dallas Austin, and Zach Roerig, her most significant relationship unfolded with Jordy Burrows. After a brief courtship, Kelley took the unconventional step of proposing to Burrows in 2018, leading to their marriage later that year. However, the union was short-lived, culminating in divorce in August 2020. Soon after, Kelley went public with her new beau, Andrès Alonso.

In a more recent development, reports surfaced about Kelley’s romantic involvement with Zac Goldsmith, evident in their public display of affection at Heathrow airport.

Adding a surprising twist to the tale, Kelley is now making headlines alongside Hollywood veteran Sean Penn. Despite the significant age difference, the duo has been spotted displaying affection in public, reigniting curiosity about Kelley’s ever-fascinating love life.

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