What is Six Planet Solar System?

What is Six Planet Solar System

Astronomers have discovered a rare synoptic solar system in which six planets move like a grand cosmic orchestra, untouched by outside forces since their birth billions of years ago.

The discovery, announced Wednesday, could help explain how solar systems in the Milky Way galaxy formed. It is 100 light-years away in the constellation Coma Barrens.

the planets are in perfectly synchronous orbits with each other … we’re seeing what the solar system looked like billions of years ago, even what our solar system looked like billions of years ago

Scientists said that this solar system is unique because all six planets move like a perfectly synchronized symphony. In technical terms, it’s known as a resonance that’s “precise, highly organized,” said co-author Enrique Pelle of the Institute of Astrophysics in the Canary Islands.

The innermost planet completes three orbits for every two from its nearest neighbor. This is the same for the second and third nearest planets and the third and fourth nearest planets. The two outermost planets complete one orbit in 41 and 54.7 days, resulting in four orbits for every three. The innermost planet, meanwhile, completes six orbits in exactly the same time as the outer planet completes one.

According to scientists, all solar systems, including our own, are thought to have started this way. But it’s estimated that only 1 in 100 systems maintain this symmetry, and ours is not one of them.

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