Mac Tull, Husband of Laura Lynch

The music industry lamented Laura Lynch’s passing on Friday. Mac Tull, the Husband of Laura Lynch got into a relationship with her in 1997. She was a cherished member of The Dixie Chicks, now known as The Chicks. Tragically, Lynch died in a Texas vehicle accident at the age of 65. When the accident happened, Laura—well-known for being the original bassist and then the lead vocalist—was traveling close to El Paso.

Laura is honored for her contributions to the music industry and her position in The Dixie Chicks. She is survived by her husband, Mac Tull, whom she married in 1997, and her daughter, Asia, from her former marriage to Billy Abraham. Additionally, let us not forget the family she leaves behind.

Meanwhile, The Chicks Tweeted:

Born on November 18, 1958, Laura Lynch was a key figure in the 1989 foundation of The Dixie Chicks.

She started out as the bassist and eventually switched to lead vocals, appearing on albums such as “Little Ol’ Cowgirl” (1992) and “Thank Heavens for Dale Evans” (1990).

Laura stayed with the Dixie Chicks after co-founder Robin Lynn Macy left in the early 1990s, releasing the album “Shouldn’t a Told You That.” But Laura was replaced by Natalie Maines in 1995. Rumors about Laura’s leaving allude to private motives, such as a wish to concentrate on family issues.

Following the Dixie Chicks, Laura adopted a more quiet lifestyle. She married Mac Tull in 1997 and had a daughter named Asia. She used oil painting to explore her creative side. Laura said she had no regrets about quitting the Dixie Chicks, adding, “It was worth it.” To achieve that, I would become anemic once more.”

Husband of Laura Lynch
Husband of Laura Lynch

Laura was involved in a fatal accident on Highway 62 when her car and another vehicle hit head-on. According to preliminary findings, the other vehicle tried to pass a car in a two-way undivided portion of the road. Laura was pronounced deceased on the spot, and the other driver only suffered minor injuries.

Let’s treasure the recollections of Laura Lynch’s musical journey and the steadfast support the husband of Laura Lynch, Mac Tull, had for her, as we say goodbye to her.

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