Cecil’s Dog Ate Money and the Owner Recovered it from his Potty.

Join the laughter-filled adventure as a Pittsburgh couple navigates the unexpected when their mischievous dog, Cecil’s Dog devours $4,000 in cash. Follow the hilarious journey of recovery, resilience, and unexpected opportunities in this tale of a Golden Retriever’s whimsical escapade.”

Meet Cecil’s Dog, a mischievous seven-year-old Golden Retriever from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who recently became the center of attention when he decided to feast on $4,000 in cash. In this extraordinary story, we delve into the incredible journey of Sesil’s cash-consuming escapade and how his owners, Clayton and Carrie Law, embarked on a humorous mission to recover the shredded money.

Cecil's Dog

The Peculiar Breakfast: A Costly Indulgence

It all began last month when Cecil’s Dog, known for his good behavior, surprised everyone by devouring nearly $4,000 in cash. Clayton Law, Sesil’s owner, had left the money on the kitchen table, and within 30 minutes, Sesil made an unconventional choice for breakfast.

Clayton recalls the shocking moment, “I was astonished. It was completely unlike his character. He doesn’t usually eat anything off the coffee table. I was just shocked because it was so out of character for him.”

The Recovery Mission From Cecil’s Dog

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Clayton and Carrie sought advice online on what to do when a Cecil’s Dog eats money. The laws indicated that torn or damaged notes could be sent to the U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing, but the process could take several months to years. Not willing to wait, the couple reached out to their bank for guidance.

Despite their initial dismay, Sesil’s unexpected cash-consuming antics took a humorous turn when, after a mathematical calculation, he regurgitated part of the money. The couple spent the next few days dealing with Sesil’s digestive aftermath, extracting $50 and $100 bills from the remnants.

The Comedy Unfolds on Instagram

Carrie Law decided to document the entire journey on Instagram, expecting only a few friends to watch and comment. However, the video quickly went viral, amassing nearly 12 million views since its posting on December 14. The unexpected popularity not only brought laughter to viewers but also opened new doors for Clayton, a marketing and sales coach with expertise in health and fitness.

Carrie expressed her astonishment, stating, “The reception from the video is amazing.”

The Quirky Recovery Process

The couple’s recovery process involved meticulously matching serial numbers on the torn bills and taping them back together. While Sesil had regurgitated some of the money, the majority had to be recovered from his excrement. Despite the unconventional method, the couple successfully recouped nearly $3,500 from the original $4,000 that Sesil had shredded.

With the recovered money still at home, Clayton and Carrie are now contemplating whether the bank will accept the taped-together bills.

Lessons Learned and Unexpected Opportunities

What started as a bizarre and distressing situation for Clayton and Carrie turned into a story of resilience, humor, and unexpected opportunities. The couple invested several hours each day to recover their money, and in the process, found joy in the absurdity of the situation.

Carrie shared, “We were initially upset, but now we laugh about the whole situation. When my wife posted a video on Instagram, we couldn’t believe the response we received.”

The Impact on Sesil’s Legacy

Cecil’s Dog, the adorable cash-eating Golden Retriever, has not only become a local sensation but has also left an indelible mark on social media. The viral video not only entertained millions but also inadvertently helped Clayton attract a new client, showcasing the power of unexpected opportunities.


The tale of Cecil’s Dog, the cash-eating dog, serves as a reminder that life’s unexpected twists can often lead to laughter, resilience, and even unforeseen opportunities. Clayton and Carrie Law’s journey to recover $4,000 turned an unusual incident into a viral sensation, proving that sometimes, the best stories arise from the most unexpected situations. As Cecil’s Dog continues to wag his tail, his legacy lives on in the hearts of those who followed his peculiar adventure.

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